Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q : - How many lessons are there each term?

  • A: - Twinkles 2 Trills follows the NSW Public School Term dates. This means there are usually ten (10) lessons in each term, however this may vary. Please refer to our Events page for our term dates.

  • Q: - Are lessons held on pupil free days and public holidays?

  • A: - Yes, lessons continue regardless of pupil free days, however lessons will not be held on public holidays.

  • Q: - How long is each Private Piano lesson?

  • Our standard lessons are 30 minutes for our school-aged students. We offer extended lessons (45 minute or 60 minute lessons) for our advanced students. We also offer 20 minute mini-lessons for preschoolers.

  • Q: - How are lessons to be paid?

  • A: - Private Piano Lessons are invoiced by the term (usually 10 lessons) which is to be paid in advance at the commencement of your first lesson. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or electronic transfer or EFTPOS.

  • Q: - Which skills will be taught in Private Piano Lessons?

  • A: - Private Piano Lessons are tailored to suit each individual student. Beginner students will be taken through our beginner program, which includes learning great songs, technical work, theory and sight-reading. Lessons are also filled with musical activities, rhythms and musicianship. Visit Private Piano Lessons for more information.

  • Q: - Can my child do piano exams?

  • A: - Twinkles 2 Trills students are encouraged to participate in the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams. We believe this provides students with a goal to work towards, rewarded with a great deal of satisfaction upon completion. Twinkles 2 Trills encourages students to enrol for Piano For Leisure exams once students have reached the appropriate skill level.

  • Q: - Does Twinkles 2 Trills only cater for young children?

  • A: - Twinkles is focused on providing a high standard of Music education to all students. Whilst we specialise in lessons for preschool and school-aged students, Twinkles 2 Trills is open for all ages.

  • Q: - What if we need to cancel a lesson?

  • A: - Twinkles 2 Trills requires 24 hours notice in order for a lesson to be rescheduled. Lessons without appropriate notice are unfortunately forfeited. Please refer to our Lesson Conditions for more information (available upon enrolment).

  • Q: - Why should I choose Twinkles 2 Trills?

  • A: - Twinkles 2 Trills integrates a number of key elements into lessons, and most importantly, aims to see each student enjoying their involvement with music. The positive and encouraging Twinkles 2 Trills environment promotes music in a fun, engaging way, inspiring students to continue their musical journey.

    Please note: These questions and answers can be used as a guide only and may change without notice. For our full terms and conditions please Contact Us.