private piano lessons

Catering for students of various ages and abilities, Twinkles 2 Trills focuses on delivering a high standard of Music Education. An award-winning Music School specialising in Private Piano Lessons, Twinkles 2 Trills continually develops and adapts programs and approaches to best suit our students.

In Private Piano Lessons, students are taught how to play the piano, with principles of technique and musicianship integrated into lessons. Relevant theory and general music knowledge elements are interwoven in the form of music-board work, flashcards, listening, composition, and music games to maximise the learning within each lesson.

Twinkles 2 Trills has developed an original, unique program, written with the budding beginner piano student in mind. Our Beginner (for school aged students) and Young Beginner (for preschool aged students) program takes students from beginner stages through to A.M.E.B. Preliminary Grade level.

With Twinkles 2 Trills, students are able to sit A.M.E.B. (Australian Music Examination Board) Piano For Leisure and Musicianship exams, or simply enjoy learning for fun.

Technical, aural, composition and performance skills are important ingredients in Twinkles 2 Trills' teaching approach, and these are covered at an individualised pace for each student. A recent inclusion in lessons is the integration of music technologies, offering students the opportunity to compose, record and notate their own music.

Various musical and performance opportunities are also offered to students throughout the year, such as concerts, recitals, competitions, workshops and holiday programs.

Twinkles 2 Trills' aim is to see students enjoying the world of music blossoming with creative potential. The advantage of Private Piano Lessons with Twinkles 2 Trills is that material can be adjusted and catered to benefit each individual student, suiting their skill level and unique personality, cultivating motivation and enjoyment.